Meet  Shelly

I'm Shelly, a wedding photographer driven by an unwavering passion for capturing authentic moments. With a degree in art photography and over a decade of experience, I blend artistry and technical skill for each wedding.

I work closely with couples to understand their vision, ensuring their day unfolds seamlessly. Whether in urban or rural settings in Lexington, KY, I combine creativity, patience, and attention to detail to create art.

I love most making couples feel relaxed in front of the camera. My open-minded, kind, and humorous nature fosters genuine connections.

I believe in capturing moments that blend technique with enchantment, turning them into timeless pieces of art. 
Beyond photography, I embrace joy, acceptance, and symbolism in life and in my work.

Fun Facts

My favorite season is "Spooky Season." I love halloween and the creepy but cute atmosphere.
I love collecting oddities. Some of my favorites are found objects and fold art.
I love seeing the world with my family. I once spent 15 days in Nicaragua on the back of a dirt bike, traveling the terrace side mountains.
I've been to Burning Man 10 times and work at the emergency services camp. Ask me about some of my favorites Burning Man stories.
Some of my


wedding photos
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